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Casino Riverboat For Sale

Located on the west coast of the USA. With capacity for 1800 slots and 10 tables.

The vessel is for sale as it is, with no license and all gaming equipment has been removed.

Vessel Specifications 
Built by Quality Shipyards Inc. and Kehl Riverboats Inc. 
Keel laid in March of 1994 and was completed June 1995 
Overall Length of Vessel: 292 feet 
Overall Width of Vessel: 74 feet 
Total Length of Hull: 228 feet 
Total Width of Hull: 60 feet 
Bridge clearance: 55 feet 
Passenger capacity: 2000 plus crew 
Gross Tonnage: less than 16000 GT 

One Passenger Elevator: 3500 lb. capacity 
Service Elevators: 10,000 lb capacity 

Heating and Air Conditioning 

400 Ton Total with complete smoke removal and fresh air intake that is computer controlled from a central location.  


Vessel Square Footage 

Hold Deck: 228 ft. x 60 ft. = 13,680 sq. ft. 
Main Deck: 264 ft. x 74 ft. = 19,536 sq. ft. 
Second Deck: 224 ft. x 74 ft. = 16,576 sq. ft. 
Third Deck: 224 ft. x 74 ft. = 16,576 sq. ft. 
Fourth Deck: 192 ft. x 61 ft. = 11,712 sq. ft. 
Total Square Footage: 78,080 sq. ft. 
Square footage is approximate and based on overall length width measurements on vessel prints. 



















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